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I love the bit below by Micheál Ledwith (from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know). It’s a reminder to keep my thoughts out of the past – what can appear comfortable – and put my being in the here and now.

I say comfortable because there comes a certain comfort from rehashing the past. It’s like walking into a room full of people and we know everyone who’s there.

Getting out of the past can be so difficult. Getting wrapped up in it is just too damn easy. It’s easy to analyze and reanalyze everything right down to each minute detail. “If I had done this, then that wouldn’t have happened to me; if I said this to her, then I wouldn’t have felt bad afterward.”

And on and on.

Most usually, and implicit in most of what we rehash, is blame. We’re either blaming ourselves or, as Mr Ledwith says, we’re blaming others. What we can be guilty of is trying to alter the outcome from our past lives, the “if I had just done this instead” response to our memories of it. Altering anything from our pasts is, as we all know, quite impossible.

ThePastAs many people have said about the past (Tolle, Dyer, Hicks, Holmes, Larson, et al), forgive others and, most important, forgive yourself and get out of your past. Create the now that you want to truly live in – the now not based on your past – and live fully now.

Because however you live right now, this instant, your future will be based on it.

So, do you really want to have a future based on your past, that you continue to live over and over again in your present moment?

Or do you want a future that’s based on your perfect now?

Forget the past. It’s gone. What’s done is done. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Then let it go and start living now.

Micheál Ledwith:

“We are creating our reality every day, though we find that very hard to accept.

There’s nothing more exquisitely pleasant than to blame somebody else for the way we are.

It’s her fault, or his fault; it’s the system; it’s God; it’s my parents; it’s the state. Whatever.

But in quantum physics, we’re brought back to reality. Whatever way we observe the world around us is what comes back to us.

And the reason why my life is so lacking in joy, happiness and fulfillment is because my focus is lacking in those same things exactly.

Now, what we’re talking about here in creating our own reality is not something [mystical]. We’re talking about what is deeply and fully accepted in my being about life.

That slowly manifests itself every day.

The life we experience, if we’re victims, we should ask ourselves, ‘have I a victim mentality?’

If I’m continually meeting misfortune, accidents, and tragedies, maybe it’s because my mentality is basically attuned to accepting that this is the way life is and so it happens.

Now, why can I not achieve those things [a better state of being]? 

Fundamentally through lack of focus.”


What the Bleep Do We Know can sometimes be found on Youtube (it gets taken down a lot). Look for the quantum edition of the movie. It’s long (around 5 hours), but well worth the time.

Visit the movie’s website.