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When you exhaust all possibilities, remember this:
You haven’t.
–Thomas Edison

The pine cones must be exceptionally tasty this year. I watch squirrels knock them from the trees, run down the trunks and devour them in record time.

For squirrels, the problem with pine cones is that they are located at the outter reaches of the branches. And mommy and daddy squirrels (if daddy’s even in the picture) tend to be a wee bit heavy for those branches.

But squirrels are brilliant at problem solving where food is involved.

I saw a mother squirrel, sitting on a branch close to the trunk, coach her little one as it walked out on this very thin branch. Reaching the pine cone, the tiny squirrel went to work dislodging it. Within 10 seconds, it fell to the ground.

We could all use a squirrel’s ingenuity when facing life’s problems.

When looking at possible solutions to whatever you face, don’t forget to look at it from all possible angles.

Have you tried “this?” Have you tried “that?”

SquirrelJumpWhat if you did such-and-such first when tackling a problem, would a different solution be uncovered for you?

We should never settle for the quick-fix solution. They only come back to bite us later down the road.

It takes a certain type of mind to process the seemingly endless streamΒ of information and possibilities available to us, to conceptualize solutions, and to put one into play.

We’re fortunate because we all have that type of mind. We’re human with supposedly the greatest mind on the planet.

The solution is within you. It’s within all of us. We only need to continue to look for it.

But we do need to look.

We need to process what’s before us, the obvious and not-so obvious. If we don’t even try, there is absolutely no way we’ll find the right solution.

If you remember Edison’s quote, you’ll always look for yet another possibility to life’s many challenges.

Remember to reach beyond what you’re comfortable with, even if you find yourself in a precarious position…like the baby squirrels do.