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Dr. William A. Tiller has a new website entitled Science and Spirt Magazine.

Most people know Bill from his appearance in What the Bleep do we Know. He’s also a professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

ssmagThe premier issue (free, and I hope all issues remain free) is available on the Magazine’s website. It has articles not only by Bill, but also by other prominant figures in the mind, body and soul arena. It’s actually quite a refreshing website.

Here’s a sprinkling of some of the articles:

  • The Fushion of Mind, Body and Soul (Tiller)
  • Liquid Luck: To Quench Your Spiritual Thirst (Dr. Joseph Gallenberger)
  • Harnessing the God Principle (Mark Robert Waldman)
  • The Healing Power of Music and Holistic Practices (Ruth Stanley)
  • Flip Your Stress Switch (Myra Jackson)

The site is easy to navigate. And though they say it’s “friendly” on any device, I found it rather sluggish on my Nook. Maybe you’ll have a better experience with it on your mobile gadget. For now, I’ll stick with my laptop.

Do check it out when you get a moment.

Oh, and subscribing to the site is free.


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