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Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, atheist, or some other-ist, there are truths in all religions and philosophies; one only has to expose oneself to them, keep an open mind and an open eye.

I recently found a channel on Youtube by Mindah-Lee Kumar under the title The Enthusiastic Buddhist.

Here’s a young lady who not only gives off warm vibes (and always smiles), but shares some wonderful information aboutย her love and passion forย Buddhism. You certainly don’t have to be a Buddhist to gain some practical benefits from her videos (or her posts on her website).

For more on Mindah and her journey to Buddhism, check out her introductory video (below under Resources and on her channel).

I think her channel on Youtube is great. It’s rather new, so there aren’t a ton of videos (32 at this writing) to catch up on. All of her videos are professionally done, produced and edited by her, and cover a lot of great topics.

Here’s a piece Mindah did entitled “Letting Go & Developing Unconditional Love with Mindfulness.” A favorite of mine.




Mindah’s website:

Her Facebook page:

And her Youtube channel:

Her introductory video: