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I find that a lot of people love quotes. Inspirational quotes. I know I do.

The friends and family I follow on Facebook, even the coaches, speakers and other gurus, they all post quotes now and then. Some are really great. Some are common sense quotes. Some are just downright fun to read.

If you know Mike Dooley, you probably know about his “Notes from the Universe” quotes.

For those unfamiliar with Mike, he was in the movie The Secret. He had a small part in it, but he’s one of those personalities that people are drawn to. In short, he comes across as a really nice guy.

The quotes he comes up with are not only inspirational, but they’re often funny as well.

And what’s that saying, make learning as fun as possible and you’re apt to remember it? His quotes are like that. They’re fun to read and easy to cement into the mind. After all, what’s the value of a good quote if we don’t remember it or put it into practice?

Below is just one of his quotes.

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