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No. Not really. And I really don’t think people want what’s wrong, but somehow wrong happens.

I was watching Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu on Youtube when I found my mind drifting onto the “want” issue (I know, that’s not very “present” of me).

I found myself starting to dislike the word, or rather what it stood for.

I know you’re familiar with that word and its rude cousin “need.”

hospital01To want or need something means that we acknowledge that which we do not have; we acknowledge the lack within us. If that was all we did, just acknowledge it, then life would be so much simpler.

I’m not talking about the brief, “I don’t have this, so I want that” thought. I’m talking about the constant, obsessive repeating of what we want or need because we keep thinking of what we don’t have in our lives.

If we are repeating our acknowledgment of a lack, day in and day out, then that becomes our point of focus, or as Abraham-Hicks puts it, it becomes our point of attraction. That point of attraction, the lack, then becomes our reality because, after all, that’s what we’re focusing on and we attract it into our lives.

I have several friends who are constantly reinforcing the lack within themselves. They say things like, “I need a thousand dollars for needed car repairs.” Or “I want to find a girlfriend because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone.”

To want or need anything, it really means that we have to discover what it is we don’t have. We have to focus on the lack in our lives.

So, how can we want or need anything without focusing on the lack and prevent the lack from continuing to manifest in our lives?

The answer is quick.

Or rather, the answer is “quickly.”

car01Find out what it is that you lack. Acknowledge it quickly, briefly, then define what you want or need and focus on that. Keep your focus on what you want and forget about the lack.

Better still, believe that what you want is already yours. That you already have it.

This takes a bit of imagination and creativity, but it’s do-able. All you have to do is imagine what you would feel like (dive into those feelings) if what you want is already yours. In the future when you think of what you want, just recall those good feelings.

By doing this, you’re filling your entire being with positive energy of the thing you want. What you’re not doing is filling your being with negative energy from the lack.

So, what is it that you really want or need?

Better health?

A higher income?

A more reliable car?

A great relationship?

Less stress?

Imagine – really pretend – that it’s already yours. Focus on only the positives. Make this focus a part of your everyday routine. Make it a part of your meditations. Just don’t let your mind bring up the lack or the negative thoughts that come from that lack.

Soon, the lack will start to disappear all on its own because you’re not giving it any attention.

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Be well and live in the moment today in joy.


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