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What cost is your dream?

What cost is your dream unfulfilled?

In economics, there is what’s called “opportunity cost.”

In its most simplistic form, opportunity cost is the cost of the one thing that you didย not choose.

dreamTake an article of clothing.

You chose to buy a pair of jeans at $42, but you really wanted to buy this other pair that was $57.

Your direct, tangible opportunity costs in this example is the difference between the two, or $15 (57 – 42).

But that’s not the end of the story yet.

Now, let’s imagine those $57 pair of jeans would have done wonders for your figure (or for the men who don’t care for their figures, let’s say they would last longer). And buying those higher-priced jeans would have given you such a mental boost: more self-confidence (face it, you look hot in them!), they would coordinate with more clothing you already own, and, darn it, you just feel better in them.

But you bought the lower-priced ones. They may not make you look hot (maybe just “pretty good”), the style wouldn’t allow for much coordination with the rest of your wardrobe, and you just feel “okay” in them.

Now, the opportunity costs of the pair you didn’t buy become much harder to calculate. But I’m guessing it would be much higher than $15.

If meeting five of your friends in the higher-priced jeans elicited comments like “those jeans look great on you,” how do you think you’d feel?

I’m betting it would be pretty darn good.

Maybe fifteen-dollars good?


One hundred?

Maybe even make you feel like a million bucks?

What value would you place on that “feeling” from those compliments?

That “grey” area, these intangibles, go into figuring out what your true opportunity costs really are.

But this isn’t about jeans. It’s about dreams.

We can almost always calculate the cost of a dream.

I dream of going on a cruise: $3,174.23

I dream of flying east to see a very close friend: $1,356.82

I dream of starting my own business: $26,341

I dream of getting away for the weekend by myself: $372.61

Whatever your dream is (and we all have many), go ahead and calculate the costs. But don’t forget to calculate and factor in what it will cost you, in tangibles and intangibles, if you don’t pursue it, if you just save the money (or other tangibles) instead.

Don’t compromise your well-being, happiness, joy or peacefulness because of tangible costs. We are all so much more than the tangibles in this world. And these intangibles are what make each of us unique. They make us our own most important person.

Just make sure you treat your most important person appropriately, with kindness and love. After all, you certainly deserve all that and much, much more.

So, go ahead. Dream.

Then pursue it.


Be well and filled with peacefulness.