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We all dream of this or that (I’m talking about our waking dreams), and dreams spring from a void in our lives: we don’t currently have something so we imagine what it would be like to have it.

We dream of finding the love of our lives. We dream of more passion in our relationship. We dream of more money.

Whatever the dream may be, the surest way to make that dream real is to dream it, focus on the feelings during the dream, then be that person you are in your dream right now.

Dream the Love

CuddlePicture yourself with your ideal mate (try not to put a face on that person). Imagine yourself going out to dinner, sitting on the couch with popcorn watching a movie together, waking up to coffee already made and warm arms wrapping around you. How about cuddling? Everyone loves to cuddle, right?

Create as many different scenes as possible and recall them as often as you can. Be detailed; be specific.

Now, how does each scene make you feel? Go deep. Let those feelings envelop you completely.

Dream the Passion

passionImagine your love life with more passion in it. What activities would you like to do that you don’t do now? Create them in your mind. If you’re bold, write them out in your journal. Create ten or more different scenarios and recall them as often as you can.

Then focus on the feelings during your visualizations. How does each scenario make you feel? Make those feelings, those emotions, bubble over so that you can physically feel them inside you.

Dream the Money

Imagine you have all the money you’d like, whether it’s $50,000 a year or two million. The money doesn’t bring happiness, that’s been proven over and over again, but it can give you lots of freedom.

Stack Of CashFreedom from worry, how your next electric bill will be paid, where you’re going to come up with the money for clothes for the kids, etc.

Imagine what you’ll feel like not having to worry about all that stuff. Again, let the feelings envelop you. Let them overwhelm you! Get those feelings going so that’s all you can focus on.

The Be

Now that you’ve got all those wonderful feelings coursing through your entire system, just be that person now. There’s nothing stopping you from keeping those feelings inside you no matter what time of day or night, regardless if you’re still single, lack passion in your relationship, or have less money than you’d like. Those feelings are yours and they cost you absolutely nothing.

If you’ve dreamed your scenario enough, those feelings will resonate with you long after you’ve stopped your little imagination trip. And your “vibrations” will be sending out those feelings to the universe and all in it.

When you’re out in public, people will notice something about you. Perhaps someone will be that person you’ve dreamed of.

When you’re around your partner, he or she will see you in a different light. There will be something extraordinary about you that they can’t seem to define but will be drawn to…in a more passionate way.

When at work, opportunities will present themselves to you because your vibrations are now tuned to money and you’re behaving with the appropriate thoughts, feelings and actions.

The bottom line is this. If you’re now being what you want to be in your dream, what and who you see yourself as, then your perception of the present changes to welcome what you really want to happen in your life. You invite it in.

That’s important to remember: you invite it into your life.

People will see you differently. They’ll even go so far as to comment on it, usually in the form of something physical (“have you done something different with your hair?”). What’s really happening is that they’re picking up something from you, and they may not even be conscious of what it really is.

That’s how the love of your life will come into your life. He or she will be drawn to you.

That’s how your partner brings more passion to you (when all you had to do was imagine more passion!).

And that’s how the money shows up.

But here’s a caution: Never, ever think of the lack. Never put your focus on what you don’t have. The moment you do (and if you do this often), you kill all those great feelings, those great vibes, you have within you. And you ruin your chances at seeing your dream become your reality.

Dreams do come true, but only if they’re positive and put you in a good place. And that good place starts within you.

So dream, then be that person you see in your dream right now.