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The universe gobbled up this post and spat it out into a parallel dimension that needed it more than our own.  Everything happens for a reason, and so my dear friends, I give you a second revealing of this epic post.  

P.s:  Sorry to clutter up your inboxes with a duplicate post.


Apple gained their fame and success by utilizing a natural occurring pattern in nature called the Golden Circle.

TEC Golden Circle

They start every project with Why?  Working from the inside out.  The results are always clean, focused and precise.

I connect the What, How, and Why with Freud’s Id, Ego, and Superego.

Id is the Why – subconscious energies driving your ego.

Ego is the How – How to incorporate these energies into reality.

Superego is the What – The results.

Most people start with the results.  It’s great having a goal and all, but according to my…

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