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(This is mostly a rehash of all my old posts, but told and shown in brightly new ways!)

I want to write about The Secret and how it compares to my enlightenment with ayahuasca.

Back in 2006, Rhonda Byrne published The Secret and it quickly became a self-help bestseller.  After hearing about it from my brothers girlfriend, I hopped on the new-age bandwagon and borrowed her audiobook, then bought the movie.

I understood the concept, I thought frequently about the science behind it before ever having heard of the book (I’ve read a lot of books on physics and string theory).  I fully understood how and why it worked – but I did so on the superficial level.  I haven’t actually experienced it.  I didn’t have the feel for it.  The feel that can only come with experience.

Feelings are felt in the limbic system – a place of no…

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