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Having a bad start to the day? Something happen that’s brought you down? Do you need an emotional boost?

Here’s a surefire way to get out of a mental/emotional rut.

Things happen to all of us all the time. On the whole, most of it’s in the neutral column between good and bad. Some things are incredibly great and make us jump for joy, while there are those few things that really tend to pull us down.

If you can’t avoid being pulled down and find your mood, your emotional state, is down in the dumps, pull yourself out as soon as you can. If you don’t, you may find you carry that mood with you for some time. Not only will it affect how your day goes, but it can affect others who you would not intentionally want to involve.

Moods are like viruses: they can be catchy if you’re not on your guard. Have you ever been around someone who was in an awful mood and, though it may or may not have influenced you, you’ve seen other people’s moods change as a result?

Yup. Virus.

Step 1: Think of something incredibly kind someone did for you that really touched your heart. Or someone may have just said something kind that caught you by surprise.

They may have cooked you dinner, bought you a gift unexpectedly, noticed your new hair style, commented you on your new suit. Whatever it was, grab that thought.

Got it?


Step 2: Now focus on the feelings you had when it actually happened. How did you feel? Were you surprised at the person’s thoughtfulness? Their kindness? Perhaps you felt special that you meant so much to that person who did the kindness for you.

Grab those feelings and, if you can, shut your eyes and just replay the event in your mind. Remember to focus on the feelings you had when the event occurred.

Keep replaying that event for a few minutes. Keep replaying it until you feel your body’s stress start to change. At first, your body may feel flush. That’s the stress beginning to leave. Your breathing will even change. Then, after a few “viewings” in your mind, you’re body will catch up with your thoughts and start to relax.

Those feelings you keep replaying in your mind are going to make it to every nook and cranny in your body. Whatever was bothering you, your less-than cheery mood will be replaced with calmness, a peacefulness.

Step 3: Let that peacefulness wash over you. When you feel that your body’s changed and, more important, your thoughts, open your eyes and look at your surroundings, wherever you happen to be, with “different” eyes. Don’t look at them the same way you did before doing this exercise.

To help do this, open your eyes and say to yourself (aloud if you can), “being right here is perfect! It’s absolutely perfect.” Say it and mean it.

Now you’ve taken your renewed mental state, your mood, and acknowledged it to the world outside (whatever you’ve opened your eyes to). You’ve renewed your mental state with your eyes closed; now you’ve “pushed” your peacefulness out into the space where you are at the moment.

Another method to use, if you can’t immediately think of a kindness someone did or said to you, is to pick up a physical object that was given to you as a gift. Really. Pick it up and hold it.

That, of course, assumes you can. If someone bought you a car, go sit in it.

Using a physical object replaces Step 1 above. Steps 2 and 3 are then to be done.

I use this second method almost all the time. And I usually do it with my Nook HD+.

It was given to me by a friend and, when I opened it, was completely taken aback by it.

I offhandedly mentioned getting one at some earlier time, but she had remembered and purchased one for me months later.

Talk about kindness!

Now, when I want a quick pick-me-up, I go grab my Nook. I just hold on to it (as opposed to turning it on), shut my eyes, and I transport myself back to the day I received it and focus on all those great feelings I had. Not only the ones I had because I was now an HD+ owner, but the important ones that involved her.

Three minutes with my Nook, and my mood does a 180.

So, whether you think of something or grab a physical object, you can quickly turn around your mood and put yourself back on track.

It’s quicker than a cup of coffee, and, in my opinion, much better than one as well.

Enjoy your weekend.