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Hello and welcome…

First off, this blog is about new thought (mental science) or, more specifically, changing our thinking so that we can live more peacefully within ourselves and to manifest exactly the things we want out of life. The ultimate goal, of course, is to live the life according to how we choose and not what is thrust upon us.

Yes, this is about the Law of Attraction, self-healing, the Law of Mind, and everything that has to do with that wonderful tool inside our head. But it isn’t really just about mental science, per se; it’s about any practice that helps to bring one closer to enlightenment, that inner peace so many people work towards.

There’s a certain spark inside us. We felt it when we were children, but we didn’t know what it was at the time. It made us feel different. We looked at the world differently; we processed things differently. It was a confusing time.

Then, somewhere along the line as we got older (and wiser?), things started to click inside us. That “something different” inside us started to take form within, it started to make sense. It may still be confusing at times, but we look upon it as our companion, our guide, our mentor, our true selves.

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